Dutch Rabbit Ring is a community of websites by Dutch Rabbit owners. These websites provide information on their life history, nutritional needs, house, and any medical concerns. Many feature pictures of prize winning rabbits. Prospective owners, breeders, and those with an interest in the various rabbit breeds will enjoy surfing this webring.
As with all my rings there are 2 main rules. 1. All sites must be family safe. No porn, No racial or religious hate please. 2. The ring code must be installed on the page you submit.
Dutch Rabbits
Mothers nurse their babies for approximately 5 minutes a day.   The milk is very rich and the babies fill up to capacity within minutes.   Mother rabbits do not sit on their babies to keep them warm.  Baby rabbits are often "rescued" by well-meaning humans who think that they have been abandoned.   Fewer than 10% of these babies survive.
Be it human or animal, touch is a life-giving thing.  Has anyone ever had a stroke or a heart attack while cozied up with a pet?  I doubt it. 
~ Robert Brault
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